Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Crazy Week - Surgery Options and Husband Hospitalized Unexpectedly

Last Week: (Please read until the end, thank you <3)

Monday: Met my new Urologist, who was AMAZING. Gave me three options, two of which include surgery and I need to decide by my appointment next month which method of surgery I choose.

Tuesday: While getting ready to leave my house and head into work, I receive a phone call from my husband's work that he has no idea where he is, what is going on, etc. I arrive there in a record breaking 6 minutes, where I meet my husband in the jail lobby and he does not recognize me. He had no idea who I was as far as my name or being married, didn't know where we were at or what had happened. He also was repeating questions over and over every few minutes.

It was a bit difficult to get him to get into my car, however his LT. and the 911 coordinator both assisted. Once in the car my husband repeatedly asked where we were at, what happened, and where we were going. Even though I would answer his questions, he would quickly forget.  Probably needless to say but I began to bawl while driving him to ambulatory care only a few minutes away.

Once at ambulatory care, they took their time getting to us at the window. Once they did acknowledge me, nurses began rushing around, and quickly coming out with a wheelchair starting their Stroke protocol.

The Sheriff soon came out and sat with Tim and I in his room. Everytime Tim would ask what happened I would try to come up with some joke as I knew he would forget and soon ask again.
After a few hours he was transported by Squad to St Ritas. Once at St Ritas many tests were done and spent the day with no answers, but a great deal of emotions for everyone.

Wednesday: Most of this day we sat around waiting for answers, which didn't come until Thursday
However a critical thing that happened this day, I allowed Tim to have his phone for a short time, while I supervised him. At one point he opened his bank account and it showed -$700. Holy. Shit. Upon further review of his bank account it showed that he had made several transactions the day before and also several overdraft fees from the bank. Someone had stolen his paypal information and completely depleted his bank account.

Thursday: When the nurses woke Tim up about 3am to check his vitals, immediately after the nurse walked out Tim just starts listing off my birthday, our anniversary, and some other dates that he couldn't remember just a few hours prior! Oh my heart.... it was so happy. However, there was still so much he couldn't remember.  Tim's mom came to the hospital to relieve me so I could head home and get some sleep and a shower. While I was gone, he finally saw the neurologist who advised he was diagnosing him with Stress Induced Amnesia, AKA Transient Global Amnesia and would release him as soon as I got back to the hospital.

Although there are SOOO many more details, so many emotions felt that I won't bore you all with. I tried to stick with the most important, most relevant details.

Due to Tim's unexpected gall bladder removal last month, him being off work from that, and now being off work again, as well as my own personal medical issues and being off while he was in the hospital and helping him once he got home, ON top of that , getting our bank account depleted, I am hosting a Younique party on facebook in which all proceeds will go towards paying for Tim's medical bills. Thank you so much for reading. So much love to all of you, and thank you everyone for your love, thoughts, prayers, messages, and food!

Brooke <3

Monday, July 17, 2017

Second Opinion: Interstitial Cystitis


Today I visited my new Urologist. In the first few minutes he already suggested that I had Interstitial Cystitis, which my primary care provider had previously suggested.

My Uro. gave a list of suggested food and drinks to remove from my diet and to begin taking Prelief.
He also gave me several information packets on suggestions of what my next steps should be, including: Interstim, Botox, and also one where a nerve in my ankle would be stimulated. Of course each comes with their own pro and con.

I go back in one month to see if any changes have helped from the Prelief and what I choose as my next treatment option.